Silver Dragon Kung Fu

Two Week Trial - $25

Includes FREE t-shirt.  New students only.

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     At Silver Dragon Kung Fu, we provide teenagers with the perfect way to get in shape while learning practical self-defense. Our classes are high-energy, exciting, and motivating. They are designed to work your whole body and mind through kickboxing padwork, partner drills, fitness drills, and choreographed routines.

     Teens who study martial arts will not only improve their fitness, but will also improve their chances of success in today’s world, which requires self-confidence, self-discipline, focus, and people skills. Silver Dragon Kung Fu strives to be a positive mentoring force to all our students and emphasizes healthy lifestyle choices such as proper diet and avoiding drugs and alcohol. We also offer a Leadership program which provides training and leadership opportunities, thus helping prepare our students for continued success in school, the work force, and in life.

     Our diverse curriculum complements all other sports by building cardiovascular fitness, and improving flexibility, balance and agility. We even offer a Hyper Pro Training class that focuses on the plyometric exercises, tumbling, and tricking that teenagers love so much.

     It is more challenging than ever to be a teenager in America, with many forms of bullying, multiple distractions, an overload of media, and educational pressure. We want to provide a safe and positive environment where teens will be surrounded by positive role models, instructors that will push them to excel, and other teens that they can have fun and grow with.

     All students start off in our standard training program, but over time, they may be invited to upgrade to our Black Belt Program and take advantage of additional benefits such as joining our specialized teams …

     * Lion Dance Team

     * Demo Team

     * Leadership Team

     * Tournament Team

     * Hyper Pro Team