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     Lion Dancing is a tradition that dates back thousands of years but continues to delight audience in modern times. It is regarded as a symbol of prosperity and peace. Traditionally, lion dancers accompanied by a drum, cymbals, and gong, dance to scare away evil spirits and to bring good luck. Lion dancing is used at special events such as Weddings, Grand Openings, and Parades as an exciting way to celebrate and captivate an audience. Our Lion Dancers are most busy during the Chinese New Year celebrations, and look forward to participating in the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade and other local events.

Silver Dragon Kung Fu is committed to preserving and passing down the Asian tradition of lion dancing. Our program offers a fun, athletic, and cultural activity that builds and strengthens our community and offers a safe, positive place for teens and adults to socialize. Our members come from all walks of life as well as different lion dancing backgrounds, but what brings us together is a love of the sport. Our Lion Dance team is a volunteer-based, non-profit part of Silver Dragon Kung Fu and thus charges no fees for becoming a member. If you would like to find out how to join, please give the school a call. Want to join our team? Want to book our team for a performance? Call us at (650) 756-8899 for more information.