Silver Dragon Kung Fu

     Our traditional Kung Fu program has a diverse curriculum that is designed to keep you excited, fit, challenged, and motivated for years and years.  These classes include strong basics (lots of padwork, conditioning, and self-defense combinations), memorized hand and weapon routines (which increase ones focus, concentration, memory, cardio, and artistic expression), and light-contact sparring when appropriate.  Optional enhancements include ... Sanshou full-contact training (includes throws, sweeps, takedowns), Lion Dancing (lion or music), Hyper Pro Martial Arts (plyometrics, tricking, performance moves).

      Kung Fu students are encouraged to explore all that our style has to offer ... Kickboxing padwork and sparring, hand forms, weapon forms, and lion Dancing.  Students are incouraged to improve their energy, circulation, and power by paying attention to their breathing and body movements.