Silver Dragon Kung Fu

The Junior class is designed for children aged 7 through 13.  This is an important time in a child's physical, mental, emotional, and moral development, so we have given them their own class.  Our professional instructors are skilled at guiding each child through the curriculum based on their individual needs and abilities. 

Our Junior curriculum is designed to improve one's ...

  • Strength, Flexibility, Coordination
  • Moral character, Discipline, Confidence, People Skills
  • Self-defense skills, Bully-prevention tactics, Self-control, Anger management
  • Focus, Concentration, Patience, Persistence, Overall well-being

We offer our students many opportunities to set and achieve their goals, gain leadership skills, improve their teamwork, socialize, and have fun through ...

  • Lion Dance Team
  • Demo Team
  • Leadership Team
  • Hyper Pro Team
  • Social events such as our annual Summer Potluck, Halloween Party, Winter Party, and School Tournament.
  • Outside Tournaments and demonstrations