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Typical Day

    8:00 am           Extended Care (Board Games, Bouncers, etc)

    10:00 am         Fun Warm Up - Team Competitions

     10:30 am         Kick Session - Basic Kicks and Performance Kicks

     11:00 am         Aerial Session - Hand Stands, Cart Wheels, Hand Springs, etc.

     11:30 am         Kicking/Tricking Challenges & Competitions

      12:00 pm         Lunch & Free Time (Board Games, Bouncers, Reading, etc.)

     1:00 pm           Weapon Session 1

     1:30 pm           Games - Dodge Ball, Obstacle Course, Bouncers, etc.

     2:00 pm           Weapon Session 2

     2:30 pm           Snack Break

     3:00 pm           Creativity Time - Drawing, Fight Choreography, Lion Dancing/Music

     3:30 pm           Fun Game

     4:00 pm           Extended Care (Board Games, Kung Fu class, Reading, etc)

     6:00 pm           End of Extended Care

Camp Details:
   Ages:                    6 - 17 years old  (over 13 ask about Junior Counselor program)

   Hours:                  10:00 am – 3:30 pm

   Price:                    $250/week plus one-time Registration Fee of $25

   Food:                   Campers must bring their own lunch, snacks, and drinks.

   Extended Care:  

        A.M Care 8:00 - 10:00 am = $10/hour

        P.M. Care 4:30 - 6:30 pm = $10/hour

All campers will receive one Free Silver Dragon Camp T-shirt per summer.  This Camp T-shirt should be worn on Friday for our Camp Show and Photo-Shoot.

We will provide weapons for use during the camp day, but the following items will be available for purchase for practice at home.  Please check with us in the office if interested.

     - Hyper Weapons (Chux, Bo Staff, Kama, or Sword)

     - Hyper Training DVDs

     - Hyper T-shirts, Shorts, and pants

Silver Dragon Kung Fu is the place to be when school is out!

Every summer (and major school holidays), we offer multiple action-packed camps designed to conquer the Couch Potato Syndrome. 

Our camps are filled with a mixture of martial arts, tumbling, tricking, performance games, creative projects, team-building drills, and fun!

Make new friends! Learn new skills! Gain new motivation!

No previous experience needed to attend our camps and develop some incredible skills! Each week will feature an assortment of martial arts-related drills and games as well as a performance weapon (Kama, Nunchuks, Bo Staff, or Sword).  These weapons are different than our regular curriculum, and allow campers to learn new techniques with their friends no matter what their previous experience is.  

2018 Summer Camp Sessions​​

  • 7/9 - 7/13
  • 7/16 - 7/20
  • 7/23- 7/27

Silver Dragon Kung Fu


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Fridays -

3:30 pm Camp Show

Performances, Challenges, Certificates