Silver Dragon Kung Fu

Silver Dragon Kung Fu has something for everyone.  Whether you want our traditional Kung Fu training, or a specialty class only (Kickboxing, Sanshou, Tai Chi, Lion Dancing, or bootcamp), we want to help you reach your training goals.


For most people, we recommend the traditional Kung Fu program because of it's well-known success at developing a person's whole being.  Our traditional program includes strong basics (lots of padwork, conditioning, and self-defense combinations), memorized hand and weapon routines (which increase ones focus, concentration, memory, cardio, and artistic expression), and light-contact sparring when appropriate.  Optional enhancements include ... Sanshou full-contact training (includes throws, sweeps, takedowns), Lion Dancing (lion or music), Hyper Pro Martial Arts (plyometrics, tricking, performance moves).

 Some people just want to focus on padwork and kickboxing skills without having to memorize things.  When this is the case, we recommend our Kickboxing program.

Once a student has basic sparring skills, they may be invited to learn more advanced Sanshou techniques.  Our Sanshou program teaches the  sweeps, throws, and takedowns used in Chinese full-contact Kickboxing.