Silver Dragon Kung Fu

The Silver Dragon Kung Fu Academy is dedicated to being a community leader in the field of martial arts, fitness, and personal development.  Our core program is Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu, which is a dynamic and complete style that has something for everyone.  We believe in using the martial arts to improve oneself, and utilize modern training techniques to help students achieve their personal goals.  Our professional instructors are all experts at motivating each student to be their best.  Each instructor has been carefully chosen not only for their martial arts skills, but for their people skills as well. They have dedicated their life to representing and improving the next generation of Chinese martial arts.

Our varied curriculum includes lots of pad work, memorized hand and weapon forms, self-defense training, conditioning training, light contact sparring, and lion dancing.  We also offer full-contact Sanshou/Sanda training for those who wish to train harder.  We customize each person’s training to suit their needs and physical limitations, which will be discussed in your evaluation meeting. We offer a wide selection of classes, six days a week, to make it easier for our busy students to train.  Separate classes are offered for children and adults so that each group may receive the age-appropriate training that they deserve.  We also realize that families that train together stay together, so we give a significant tuition discount to parents who enroll with their child.  We even offer select classes where the whole family can attend at the same time!  We encourage you to visit our academy and try a few classes to see first-hand the quality and dedication of our students and instructors.

Our goal is to help our students develop a balance in their lives, and our Academy offers the perfect balance of physical fitness, practical self-defense and character-building self-discipline to suit all of your needs as a martial artist.