The Leadership program instills a different mindset in students that positions them for success.  Whether in the classroom, an occupation, or continued service within the community, Leadership students stand out among their peers.

     A leader is someone with the positive personal traits, organizational, managerial and interpersonal skills necessary to motivate others.  A leader inspires confidence and trust in those around him/her.  The Silver Dragon Kung Fu Leadership Program teaches students to earn the respect and admiration of their peers through positive example.  Available by invitation only, this program seeks out students who have demonstrated the self-confidence and discipline necessary for long term success in the martial arts.

This program includes all of the benefits of our Black Belt Program,  PLUS it includes specialized classes that teach leadership, life skills, instructor assistant skills, and advanced Kung Fu.  Members of this program are eligible for valuable volunteer opportunities that will allow them to help their community as well as grow as a person.

Who Is This For?

All students 10 and up who want to develop leadership skills that will serve them in all aspects of their lives. These students accept a higher level of responsibility as ambassadors of Silver Dragon Kung Fu.

What Is Included?

All members of the Leadership program are invited to attend special Leadership training classes offered at least once a month as well as Classroom Assistant Courses (a 4-class program required for potential volunteer assistants).

* Life Skills - The traditional Kung Fu principles of discipline, respect, courtesy, confidence, etiquette, and perseverance. 

* People Skills - Public speaking and powerful communication, positive teaching methods, management skills, decision-making.

* Volunteer Opportunities - Qualified members will be invited to become part of our classroom team as Volunteer Classroom Assistants.

Being a volunteer classroom assistant plays an important role on the path towards Assistant Instructor and Instructor Certification which are requirements for all paid positions at Silver Dragon Kung Fu. 

Inspiring Greatness One Step At A Time


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